Bloom, such as a flower which opens its petals towards the light. This is the name given to the creations made in India and in the French workshops.
These workshops have been set to invite people to settle in quickly in order to feel, express oneself and to let your creativity flow. A truthful meditation which results in direct contact with your heart and everything around it.
In Europe crafts and meditation workshops have been opened in La Rochelle, Damvix, Dijon, London and Rome. These workshops allow you to break isolation and to create simple items from recycled paper, magazines, wool, materials and so on…
These workshops bring together people of different ages and of any social class. A time for creation, sharing a tea break and a silent time give joy to everyone.
In India, 7 women receive wages from the association. They learn a skill and above all they find the confidence and harmony again in their daily life.
Sophie who took the initiative for these workshops gives support, guidance and encourages everyone in order to design artistic handmade creations always inventive, colourful, original and creative and an excellent finished product is the key factor.
“For me the most important thing is the opening of the heart being conscious of beauty inside as well as outside. A garment must be as refined inside as outside”. Isn’t it exactly what everyone is searching for in order to blossom in his or her own life?

Workshop’s women

  • Vidhya
  • Delly
  • Leena
  • Rema
  • Seena
  • Vineesha