Our mission

The association “Yoga, a daily life experience” was created in La Rochelle in 2004. This association is a leading charity and is supporting activities both in France and in India with a window on the world. The vocation is spiritual, economical and social.

Sophie and Jude, a Franco – Indian couple founded the association and they welcome people who need to be listened to and helped. Their home is a pole of exchange and sharing where each person will find total respect. They live six months in France and the other six months in India. Meditation is the rhythm of their daily life.

The association is a place to listen, to meet and to help. The members of the association are as united as a family and are dedicated to this humanitarian cause and continue to sow humility and compassion towards others.

“Travellers Paradise” is the office of the association in Cochin in South of India. Biju and Sanitha are the co-ordinators together. They organise accommodation in houses of different families of the association who warmly welcome guests at their home.

Vivre le silence dans la lumière du quotidien

Who are we ?

Jude Mathew
Jude Mathew
Jude teaches how to live in mindfulness letting ourself go through the flow of life events. He guides the daily meditation and dedicates his time to people who visit individually or in a group.
Sophie Debiève
Sophie Debiève
Sophie leads creative and meditation workshops in order to slow down from everyday life while you can relax and create whilst being able to let your imagination run free. The products are created and labelled “Bloom in the natural way” are exhibited and sold in exhibitions.

YOGA, a daily life experience