Backwaters in family, a wonderful sharing moment

So as to end up our beautiful season, the members of the association in Cochin have organised a wonderful day out in backwater on the Vaikom canals. The trip took place thanks to Suresh and Sunil.

Once more, all the people involved in the association, members of the office, women from the workshop, and children from the families shared this moment.

A meal offered by the women from the workshop: a real treat!

Another beautiful time shared with the women from the workshop who had the idea of preparing a traditional meal from Kerala before Jude, Sophie, Isabelle and Surya’s departure. Each woman prepared a speciality. We also celebrated Harry and his wife's 42nd wedding anniversary.

We enjoyed a very tasty meal on banana leaves, and joy was among us.

Different helps for India

Thanks to your donations, to the Bloom sales products and the organisation of stays in families, you will find below the amounts attributed in India for social helps such as young people education, medical helps, and housing improvement.

The total amount for helps in 2015 is 9550 €, divided as follows:
  • 1500 € for young people education
  • 1150 € for families in demand (basic food parcels, weddings etc.)
  • 900 € for medicines
  • 6000 € for housing renovation (Usha and Vinu , Réma and Tranquebar school …)
We deeply thank all, from the bottom of our hearts, for your participation, your involvement to encourage the different actions of the association.

These helps are very important for all the families we help in their everyday life.

Jude, Sophie, Isabelle and Surya leaving from Cochin airport

On the day of our departure, all the women from the workshop, Martine and Harry took us to the airport...

It was very moving to share this moment of love and joy.

We particularly thank Martine for her help during the 6 months in India, her presence at Valsa's side to help her in her everyday life, as well as for her involvement in Brigitte’s kindergarten in Fort Cochin.

Iris proposes a Bharatanatyam working session

The Bharatanatyam is the oldest sacred dance in India, originally from Tamil Nadu.

This dance uses very rich hand movements, the most different face expressions and, both, a very technical and gracious work on the feet movements.

The Bharatanatyam request each part of the body, from the eyes to the feet, to be part of the dance.

The word means:
  • Ra : raga or emotion
  • Ta : tala or musical mode
  • Natya : performing art
Iris studied the Bharatanatyam in Chennai, at Kalakshetra School, she got her diploma in 2015.Since then, she goes on studying with her master Sri Hari Padman. She will be in France in April and May, and she proposes working sessions or initiations to Bharatanatyam (50 € per person for the week end).

These include, as follows:
  • A theoretical approach to Bharatanatyam, rhythm and Carnatic music
  • Warm-up and stretching
  • training on basic steps, stamping of the feet – tattadavus, nattadavus)
  • initiation to hand movements "mudras"
  • sequence of steps following different patterns and rhythms
  • approach to expressions, 9 emotions ( 9 rasas)
  • choreography
If you are interested, you can contact: [email protected]

Bloom in May, do as you please!

Don't forget the next Bloom exhibition in La Rochelle, from Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 in May, from 14h30 to 18h30 at Martine's, 23 rue de l'Escale.

Let's keep in touch…

All the members of the association thank you for your great energies to remain in contact with us, and be involved in our charities actions.
Let April fill you with happiness, and we will be delighted to welcome you at home.

From our big family!