Delly, who’s a seamstress in our workshop, lives in the fishermen’s district in Fort Cochin. She and her husband have a meagre income and they’ve been able to benefit from a small hand out from the state to help build their house.
They also took out a loan but that wasn’t enough. In a state of desperation, Delly came to speak to us because the building work had been stopped due to lack of funds. It’s thanks to members of our organisation and travellers being here on the spot that we quickly collected donations. We’d like to thank everyone for their generosity.
Delly is smiling again because for a month her family had been living without doors, windows, water or electricity.

At the workshop an angel is passing over...

We are happy to introduce to you the new ‘maharaja’ angels, born from the skilful fingers of the Bloom seamstresses. We’re sure that you will appreciate their flamboyant costumes and their joy in hugging their hearts close to them.

At Travellers Paradise people are getting around...
Anne organised a trip to Kerala and Tamil Nadu for 6 women

Togetherness in diversity...

7 women on the road to Southern India...

From Kochi, Princess of the Arabian sea to Rameshwaram, Varanasi of the South, passing through Madurai, teeming with people and Palani, the sacred town of Murugan, brother of Ganesh...the villages of Chettinad, witness to a former splendour...rooted in popular Hindu rituals and traditions, to the lush, unspoilt forests of Chinnar. From the heat of the dry plains of Tamil Nadu to the freezing nights of the Koddaikanal heights.
The essence of simplicity is present in the shared smiles, people from here and there, the whole diaspora has come to visit, pilgrims on the road, travellers exchanging glances, just happy to be there… So many unforgettable eyes meeting from so many different places...

Some of the travellers’ accounts :

Dom : People say that India’s identity is in the sounds. At the sight of tea plantations...the merest hint of the shape of a mountain, I feel softness, calm, hands caressing silk and velvet. At a bend in the road, behind a rocky peak, the sun has turned itself into a huge, red ball. The crowd is awe struck by such beauty.
Colours, tastes, smells, intensity...
Sparkling colours
Subtle tastes
Spicy smells

Brigitte : This religious fervour that you sense in people’s everyday life is revealed in all its force when you come to Rameshwaram, where a crowd of the faithful immerse themselves in the sea at dawn to wash or during the procession in Madurai to celebrate Siva lying with Parvati.

Eliane : What I recall particularly about this very contrasting trip that was rich in so many ways is the extravagant beauty of Rameshwaram. As soon as we came to the bridge, it took our breath away.
I also remember the walk with Albert in the heart of the mountains in Koddaikanal, the picnic near his pretty, little stone house and resting on a big carpet, gazing at the magnificent panoramic view which stretched as far as the eye could see - an unforgettable moment, along with the giggles and lots of other things.

Yolande : Travelling in Kerala and Tamil Nadu opens your mind and your very being through meeting people, with their smiles and their gentleness, it’s sharing with them the small moments of their lives, in their homes, on the street, in the temples or at their places of work. It’s also experiencing magnificent landscapes of astonishing beauty. It’s accepting being moved, overwhelmed, sometimes shocked but never indifferent.

Josiane : 6.30 in the morning and Madurai awakens, the town is still calm but how will it be in an hour? All these looks, greetings, busyness, all this noise, all this intensity. I understand nothing ... that’s probably why I come back.

Marie-Jeanne : What I remember is the magnificent temples and palaces, the lush vegetation and the beautiful smiles and looks of the Indian people.

The school in Tranquebar
"A mask that looks like me"

This time Marc, who’s at the school got into playing around with self portraits with the children. Isabelle, our president was delighted to be part of this new experience.

Everyone had to draw their own face – the aim being to create a mask.
This happy moment was a real joy. The children spent a lot of time observing each other, drawing, sticking and starting over to get a really interesting result.

It allowed us to observe the different stages the children went through at various times, self assurance and fear, confidence and shyness, but always supported in a context full of love, peace and joy.

A special shared moment when everyone put on their masks.

Tranqubar is flourishing

The centre is like a huge heart beating in time with the universe.
Jude is like a constant flame which goes on welcoming, with unconditional love, everyone who comes.
The fact that the place is totally empty lets you get in touch with the this calming presence.
The centre is the image of a calm mind and a fulfilled and ever expanding heart.
We give thanks and appreciation to Jude who lets us touch peace, love and joy in the present moment.

Everyday I love picking the flower heads that will decorate the oil lamp. As each day is new I’m naturally attracted to their different shapes, colours and scents.
A mixture of flowers, yellow and pale pink, baby colours wrapped in layers of love. White bougainvillae like a frilly dress that invites you to join the dance of life. Multi-coloured flowers to symbolise diversity. Fuchsia pink and white flowers for duality in oneness etc...

Each day is a celebration of the senses and that is more than enough to fill me happiness to share.

To be continued...

Many thoughts from our organisation’s big family that keeps growing.
With a smile we wish you a good February and thank you for your kind, sun filled messages.