2016, A year where Love is spreading

We do hope the New Year Elephant had a good journey and he safely arrived in your home. He is a Love, Peace, Joy and Light messenger for each of you.

Let this year be another beautiful journey exploring inside the heart to reach serenity and joy of simply being.

We renew our best gratitude and love wishes to all of you.

A Christmas cake shared with the Indian and French association

We met together at the Master Art Café to share a Christmas cake between the women working at the workshop, the office staff and visitors.

Again it was such a lovely moment to be all together savoring a piece of the traditional Christmas cake and drinking a cup of tea.

As a sign of gratitude and affection the association gave each family a cake with a lovely Christmas card.

Travellers Paradise, a tolerance and love message

It has been three months already that travellers are visiting us in Fort Kochi: arrivals, departures, meetings, passing each other… The whole world is getting together in this small South Indian town because this peninsula is full of history. For ages trading has been flourishing especially with spices and tea which have brought riches. Each community whether they arrived from the continent or from the sea due to economical or religious reasons has been warmly welcomed by the different monarchs and left their mark. In the first synagogue of India one can read these welcoming words: "My kingdom owns different communities but not yours, please stay with us". Curiosity of the foreigner, a new culture, an unknown cult: these are the proper characteristics of the people from Kerala.

That is why each of us finds himself a bit at home on this Indian land while discovering a new country.

Travellers Paradise team is happy to guide their travellers on such a beautiful road; the one of tolerance and open mindedness between the different populations.

Biyon and Tenzin, children from Fort Kochi, are our massagers’ for this New Year full of hope.

In search of a land...

Yves is a member of the association and lives in the South of France. He is now retired from the EDF company. We met him a year ago and Yves offered to represent the association and is kindly preparing a case for us in order to ask for a grant from the EDF company. Yves is in Cochin at the moment and offered to help us. The association would like to buy a piece of land and build shared housing for 2 to 4 families in need.

We went with Yves and Biju to meet two families who urgently need accommodation for Harry’s and Leena's family.

Harry is one of the drivers from the association and he has a physical handicap. Harry’s family never had a child so nobody is here to look after them and because they are old they have more and more health problems and buying medicines is very expensive.

Leena has wages from the association as her husband had a serious accident and he is now handicapped.

These two families are living in difficult conditions in very tiny houses which are often flooded during the monsoons. Their income is not sufficient to pay the rent and the medical fees.
That is why this project was born and we want from the deepest of our hearts to rehouse these people. This accommodation will always belong to the Association. People who will live here will not pay any rent but will only pay for their water and electricity consumption.

Workshop news

Some news from the workshop with adorable skirts created by Sylvie and Rema for little girls aged between 6 and 7 years old.

Lovely flowers from a flowery printed material have been embroidered by Seena, it's sumptuous!

“Hen” garlands are born between the sewer’s skilled fingers! Table mats and bags with pompons are very successful.

The workshop is an open place to welcome people who wish to exercise their skills, take time for silence while they can draw, cut and pin their future creations. It's also a sort of meditation where we try to teach, stay calm, express and liberate tensions.
The workshop continues to offer a space of shared relaxation and joy with the Indian women.

A letter from Tranquebar

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am privileged to write some few words and share my feeling with you. Here, in Tranquebar meditation centre, the state of silence is continuing without interruption. My work on the constant state of Peace, Joy and Love are also going on here.
On the coast of Bay of Bengal the monsoon was in the months of November and December, it was destructive for the people living in the north coast from Madras until the southern tip of Tamilnadu. There are loss of lives, houses collapsed with all the little valuables the people had, the paddy fields flooded with water and the health problems due to the large amount of water everywhere. They are lack of food and water to drink. It was no easy time here.
Life is slowly coming back to normal, the nature is at its best, the butterflies, birds and all kinds of animals are present again.
More and more people are coming to the centre for a moment of silence: teachers, students, farmers, fishermen, carpenters, masons, house wives and the unemployed. There are people of all generations present here. They all want to share some few words about their lives. When it’s time for them to leave the centre, they just express their feeling of “Peace” by touching their hearts.
Today, we are still searching the key to Peace. Aren’t we? Let us work and hope to find the Peace in our hearts and in our world!
I thank you all for your support to our charity. Myself and on behalf of Yoga charity family wish you, your families and friends a new year filled with Peace, Joy and Love.

Heartily regards and prayers from Tranquebar


Thank you for your interest in these newsletters and for all your encouragement.
We wish you a good month of January and very soon for some other news.

The charity organization family.