No flowers without petals

The exhibition opened up like a flower spreading its petals towards light.
A time filled with joy, sharing, meetings, smiles and love.

YOU are the petals of that wonderful flower representing the association.
We do want to thank you all for your help, your participation, your support, your encouragement, and your being so faithfully close to us.

Thanks to you, we are filled with the strength heading towards our mission to spread Love around us.


No bunch is possible without flowers

Thanks to Isabelle Dupont's invitation, we met in Saint Savinien for a collective meditation. In the circle, each one's colours were present. It was very moving to see everyone arriving with all sorts of different flowers, with exquisite fragrances, so that the bowl filled with each one's beauty: a vivid symbol of the family unity gathered around all its differences.

Harry & Rema

This month we financially helped Harry who was operated on both of his eyes for a cataract. We helped Rema to finish her building, it was urgent to do it before the rain season. We thank all the members for their help.

Gratitude for Iris

We thank you for the support you gave to Iris, as well as for your encouragement and your presence. Iris went back to Chennai to finish her dance studies, and, with much gratitude, you are deep in the bottom of her heart.

A nice summer to you all

The general meeting of the association will take place on July 3rd 2016 in Damvix, at Christine Erard's.

You are all welcome to share that time of meeting and exchange.

We wish you all a very happy June!