Live the silent and daily life in Rome

Following Irene's request Sophie and Jude went to Rome to share with her meditation group. Every morning the meditation took place at Irene's home followed by a breakfast. A creative workshop had been organised with Sophie and an exhibition of Bloom's products was set in the meditation centre Osho Kivani.

We gratefully thank Irene for her welcoming and the energy she gave during the organisation of this project.

Program organised in Rome

Irene has organised a programme of Bharatanatyam dances with Iris. It has been a moment of discovery for most of the people who were there. Iris was able to explain each sequence thanks to Irene's translation.

Bloom workshop in a new place: Yolande’s house

The Bloom workshop took place at Yolande within a warm and happy ambiance. We made envelopes, flowers made with material which we are going to sew on knitted slippers made by the ladies from Dijon's workshop, knitting and of course we had a tea break!

A meditation time allowed the silence to stay in our hearts and we left each other in joy.

Every member of the team of the association thanks Yolande for her warm welcome and hospitality.

Bloom workshop in Dijon

Anne has visited the "cousettes workshop" in Dijon. Marie-Cecile continues to invite friends in her home for creative workshops. Women create continuously with really beautiful and creative ideas.
We will get soon the chance to receive a few items from their production during the exhibition which will take place in May in La Rochelle.
We warmly thank each of them for the participation in this great solidarity gesture and for their committed friendship.
A part of the sale of their valued creations is given to the association in order to help Humanitarian causes in the South of India.

Bloom Exhibition

In May, Bloom as you wish
It is perfect, the collection will enravish
You in La Rochelle
23 rue de l'escale
May 19, 20, 21 and 22 from 14.30 to 18.30

We are looking with Joy for your visit to show you our latest products.
Please come with your families, your friends, your colleagues, your acquaintances... Everybody is welcomed.
This sale will help every solidarity projects in India such as: social cares, youth education, health, lodging amelioration.

See you soon, have a lovely May