Bordered by the Arabian Sea in the west and by the Western Ghats which go from 500 meters to 2700 meters above sea level in the east, and watered by a network of 44 rivers, Kerala is a state situated in the south of India. It has a unique geographical position and is one of the most attractive tourist spot in Asia : mild temperatures, a long coast with quiet beaches, peaceful stretches of emerald coloured lagoons (backwaters), numerous plantations and rice fields, resorts for Ayurvedic treatment of the body and mind, attractive artistic craftsmanship, magical temple festivals, historical and cultural monuments, exotic food…

Kerala invites you for a unique experience. Let us say that these charming sites are close to each other, an advantage that no other touristic destination offers. People of the Kerala state are considered to be the most developed in India. Everybody knows how to read and write. The health system is excellent; the infant death ratio is the lowest, the life expectancy the highest and the standard of living, the best.

For administrative reasons, The Kerala state is divided into 14 districts. Most of them offer their own typical touristic products.